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Southwest Airlines Reservations welcome you to the world of pure elegance and comfort. Southwest Airlines is a dominant American airline and have it’s headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and is the world's largest low-cost carrier.

Southwest Airlines has the record of scheduling flights to over 100 destinations in 41 states until July 2019

There is also mention of 10 countries you did not know to fly with Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Business Select is the upscale class of the airlines. Business Select seats, measure the paltry 17" across as economic ones. Business Select benefits include access to faster security lines, assured early boarding, a free drink, and extra Rapid Rewards point.

Southwest Anytime fares are the mid-tier fares which just like Business Select are mostly fully refundable (please confirm before booking).The difference between these fares is that Business Select comes with extra perks. .Usually, the price difference between Business Select and Anytime fares is quite small.

With Upgraded Boarding, you can get in the A1 - A15 boarding group for just $30 - $150, per passenger, depending on your itinerary. You may ask a Southwest Airlines Customer Service Agent at your gate before the boarding process begins. You may simply call our reservation specialists, and they will be able to upgrade you.

Early Bird Check-In

Southwest Early Bird check-in is a painless way for a passenger to be able to automatically check into their flight 36 hours before departure. Even if a passenger does not have exclusive status with the Southwest, they will board before the rest of the passengers and improve your boarding position.

Let’s check out the benefits in detail-

First thing first, the fare difference is quite small, and the benefits are really worth the spend.

Assured A1-15 boarding

The Business Select travelers are one of the first to board with priority boarding. Pick the seat you want and have room for your carryon bags.

Skip the lines with Fly By

Breathe easily through ticket counter and security checkpoint lines faster with Fly By lane access. Rapid Rewards, A-List and A-List Preferred Members also get access to Fly By Priority Lanes.

Have a complimentary premium drink

If you’re above 21, enjoy a premium drink on-board your flight with a coupon valid for use on the day of travel

Earn extra Rapid Rewards points

As per their website, reward yourself with 12 points per dollar compared to Wanna Get Away Fares. Become a Rapid Rewards Member and start earning extra Rapid Rewards points.

Despite the fact, that Southwest Airlines has a huge customer base, approx., 10.8 million passengers a month, they haven’t had too many complaints from the passengers. Compared to all operating low-cost carrier, Southwest proudly says that they have the lowest number of complaints from their customers. They are cheap in terms of the cost yet their customer service is absolutely brilliant. It’s a saying that a Great company grows with the Happy Employees and happy customers. Southwest cares about both and hence they have been able to achieve the position what they are now. Back in 1971, they started with just 3 aircraft and a vision, vision to grow. Their consistency and hard work are touching the sky heights and many of its competitors are now following their path to a growing business.

Southwest has a unique policy, where they don’t treat a customer complaint as merely a complaint, but as an opportunity to rise and grow. Customer experience is no longer a phone call - it's now online, in live chat, and more. Southwest airlines actually take care of its employees, which in turn helps employees take care of their customers. It is a smart way to balance out things and in return, have a good reputation in the market.

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